Music license

Music license

1) users who download my music have absolutely no legal rights to this music unless they purchase a non exclusive license for it. I produced all of these instrumentals in my studio and still hold the master copies.

2) Each one of these free instrumentals as a whole, or any chopped up portion of these instrumentals are not licensed to be used either commercially or “for profit” in any way shape or form unless you buy a license from me.

3) For you to be able to legally use one of these instrumentals “for profit” commercially and royalty free, you must buy a non exclusive license from ChemicHill Digital Productions. Please do not even bother contacting me asking about getting a license unless you have money.

4) The exclusive rights to all the music contained on this web site remains the intellectual property of both ChemicHill Digital Productions and it’s subsidiary© 2007 – 2013).

5) You may use and distribute all of these beats for any non-profit or free audio & video project you wish for MySpace, YouTube and other educational purposes, but I would require a written production credit as follows; “Music courtesy of“.

6) You may use these instrumentals on your demo or promotional album as long as it is not being sold for profit and due credit is given to If you have any other questions about music licensing please contact me.

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