Lets trade links

Lets trade links

To participate in the free link exchange program with Free-Instrumentals.com please add my text link code to your web site first seen below highlighted in blue, this is how I will verify all new requests. I periodically check that your link back to me is still in place, if your link to me goes down than I will drop your link as well.

Page Rank

Place this code on your website and tell me exactly where to find it before you fill out this form:

<a href=”http://www.free-instrumentals.com/” target=”_top”>Free Instrumental Hip Hop Music</a>

Link exchange request

If you run a music web site and would like to trade links with me, please add my text link in an appropriate spot on your web site first then fill out this form.

You must provide the exact address where I can see where you posted your link back to Free-Instrumentals.com. This is how I verify all new requests.

Written exactly as you want it displayed in my link to you.

eg. http://www.mysite.com

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